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Keynote: Wendy’s – The Audacity of Personality


Brandon Rhoten
Virginia Miracle
26 Apr 2017
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
The Stage


Wendy’s: The Audacity of Personality

A Fireside Chat with Brandon Rhoten, moderated by Virginia Miracle

In a world where so many social messages are watered down and legally sanitized, Wendy’s achieves differentiation through clever personality and willingness to engage with consumers as well as competitors.  During this session, Brandon Rhoten, Head of Media, Advertising and Digital/Social for Wendy’s, will offer insights into his team’s effective use of standout social media that rings true with consumers. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how the brand’s authentic voice across teams and channels consistently reminds their guests of what they love about Wendy’s — and brings them back again and again.