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#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind:

Spreading The “Good” Word - Word Of Mouth Marketing For Social Good

#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind: Spreading The “Good” Word – Word Of Mouth Marketing For Social Good

Featured Speakers: Zain Habboo (United Nations Foundation), Emily Graslie (The Field Museum), Kindred Motes (Vera Institute of Justice), and Andrew Solomon (MacArthur Foundation)


Although the 3 panel members were all quite different in terms of their field and background, they shared one rather interesting thing in common: money – or more specifically – the lack thereof. As members of various non-profit organizations, they all shared the same challenges of having a limited budget and limited resources. That’s where WOM and collaboration have really aided them in their various efforts.

For Emily, spreading awareness of her science-ed content on YouTube took a lot of boots on the ground work, public speaking events, and networking within the existing digital communities they wanted to be a part of. “It was important that we as creators banded together – collaborative videos were essential.”

Zain and her organization rely a great deal on fundraising. They also utilize initiatives like Comscore and Digital Collective where they invite agency heads and PR firms to lunch once a month to advocate for the work they’re doing. They’re constantly pitching to help bring in more money so they can continue to support their work and spread their message.

When Kindred first started in his role, not only was there no budget, there was also no dedicated plan set in place. He sought out his contemporaries who were doing the same thing in other spaces to learn and grow. He too relied heavily on collaborative efforts.

Whether it’s creating science-ed content on YouTube, crusading to reshape how we think about prisons in this country, or evangelizing on behalf of the United Nations, collaboration is key.


“Non-profits have the advantage that we don’t have to pay for influencers because we are tied to a cause.”

“Nothing about us without us.”

“It’s not every day you get to milk a venomous ant at work.”

“Not having a filter, to me, is the very definition of authenticity.”

“I am a nerd fighter, and help decrease world suck.”


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