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#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind:

Multicultural Marketing Is Really Mainstream Marketing

#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind: Multicultural Marketing Is Really Mainstream Marketing

Featured Speakers: Kathy Baird (Ogilvy), Paulita David (McPherson Strategies), Samantha De La Fuenta Mancha (eos), and Lauren Thomas (Cricket Wireless)

Recap written by Danica Kombol (Everywhere Agency):

Moderator Kathy Baird posited the debate around multicultural marketing thus: “There truly is a lack of consensus around multicultural and whether we should go forward with total market strategies or multicultural strategies.”  Three multicultural marketing pros shared their thoughts on this issues during a lively, impassioned discussion. What follows are some notable quotes and powerful insights from our panelists.


“When you try to address everyone, you run the risk of reaching no one.” – Paulita David

“To really make sure that you have an effective multicultural strategy you need to have a diverse team. You can only connect with diverse audiences when you have people behind the scenes who are there and truly empowered to share their perspectives. You need to have a person in the room to ask the question that nobody else does.“ – Lauren Thomas

“My best advice on having a multicultural strategy is to have one! If you don’t have one now, you are already behind the ball. This is not a demographic you can ignore.” – Paulita David

My advice is to create relevant consumer insights, get to know your customer!” It’s important to be locally relevant. We take the time to understand the local sentiment and find out why a woman (in every country/market) chooses a product.” Samantha DeLa Fuente Mancha

“Why multicultural? The market is not a monolith. There are people we are trying to reach (in marketing) with different backgrounds and different perspectives.” – Lauren Thomas

From a business perspective, diversity used to be solely about demographics. Now it’s more about frame of reference or values.” –Lauren Thomas

“Cultural relevance is key. A lot of marketers will just diversify their ads by switching up ‘who they put in their ads.” But you have to be culturally relevant or your ads fall flat because the consumer sees right through that.”   – Paulita David

“We’ve been in the market 10 years, but only did our first TV ad two years ago. So we’re a product who has been built by word of mouth and influencers. We believe you must create relevant consumer insights, and get to know your customer.” – Samantha DeLa Fuenta Mancha

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