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#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind:

Language And Machine -The Future Of Visual Storytelling

#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind: Language And Machine – The Future Of Visual Storytelling

Featured Speakers: David Rosenberg (GIPHY) and Toby Daniels (Crowdcentric)


Messaging is changing. Vocal interfaces are on the rise with faster and easier access to hands-free search and information. Chat-bots are here to stay. And even after 30 years (no that’s not a typo) GIFs are still being added to new platforms and utilized in innovative capacities.

Why? The messaging UI is changing. Emojis are no longer enough to adequately and uniquely convey our true meaning. GIFs give us the ability to add cultural relevance and subtle nuances to our messages. They make the receiver “feel something’ that sometimes just text, or a smiley face, can’t.

Even more “traditional” media is beginning to adapt to this changing landscape. David referenced Drake’s recent music video for his song “Hotline Bling” that wasn’t actually a video at all – just a string of short clips, making it prime material for online GIF and “meme-like” content.

David ended the session by predicting that at some point in the near future we will see 30 second commercials just like this – and half-jokingly said to reach out if any of us are interested in doing something like that. You’ll be the first one we call, Mr. Rosenberg.


“Everything is engineered for something.”

“There’s something humanizing about seeing celebrities react exactly as you would.”

“Emoji is the fastest-growing language today. Right behind it are GIFs.”

“Software is actually eating our words.”

“Words we use to communicate are being replaced by new elements of language.”

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