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How Honey Nut Cheerios Got Its ‘Buzz’ Back

#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind: How Honey Nut Cheerios Got Its ‘Buzz’ Back

Featured Speakers:  Emma Eriksson (General Mills Canada) and Krista Webster (Veritas)


It started with one simple goal: connect our consumers more deeply with the brand. To do this, General Mills had to get in touch with their audience and find out what they cared about. What they found was that the health of honey bees was on the decline, and the projected impact of their disappearance was detrimental to our delicate ecosystem. The efforts to save the bees felt like a genuine, authentic cause for the Honey Nut Cheerios brand to get behind. So, in partnership with Veritas, General Mills set out with an ambitious goal to ask their consumers to plant wildflower seeds in an effort to repopulate the bees. The bold, and somewhat risky, call to action was accompanied by smart media placements, and a goose-bump-inducing digital video to not only create awareness of the cause, but also to contextualize it.

What ensued was a remarkable show of engagement metrics – and more importantly for the business, an unprecedented 9% lift in sales. Now in its second year, the campaign is taking some big, yet exciting steps forward, including branching out into the US market. “Everyone feels proud  to be a part something bigger than just selling cereal.” And that’s just how the magic happened – by stepping outside the brand and looking to be a part of something bigger.


“The best ideas are media-agnostic.”

“There are no borders to good content.”

“We took a cause around an animal that initially had us wanting to keep our distance, and turned it into an animal, and a cause, we wanted to wrap our arms around.”

“Extraordinary creativity transcends discipline.”

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