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#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind:

Where Influencer Marketing Went Wrong (And How To Fix It)

#WOMMAsummit Session Rewind: Where Influencer Marketing Went Wrong (And How To Fix It)

Featured Speaker: Kevin Knight (Experticity)


Kevin kicked off the session with a quietly powerful quote from Mark Zuckerberg: “A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising.” Armed with a well-thought-out Indiana Jones metaphor, Kevin explained that when influencer marketing initially came into the picture, many of us in the industry believed we had finally identified this holy grail. He then boldly declared that so much of what we consider influencer marketing these days actually isn’t – it’s just paid reach.

So how did we get here? Blame it on Instagram. And Pinterest. And Snapchat. These platforms initially prohibited ads, creating a barrier between brands and millions of consumers. To overcome this challenge, brands then began identifying users with mass followings and paying them to promote their products or services. Paid influencers = paid reach, not true influencer marketing.

Kevin told us to “choose wisely” when it comes to what we do, and don’t, call influencer marketing moving forward. He challenged us to do the hard work it takes to find the true source of influence specific to our customers that will create the best possible experience.



“If there are different kinds of influence, then there must be different kinds of influencers.”

“There are three types of influencers: Experts, Publishers and Tastemakers.”

“His quest for the holy grail came with the understanding of the source of its power”

“Influencer marketing is meant to be a means of delivering trusted recommendations. But nowadays, it’s basically just become paid reach.”

“I wore puka shells because he wore puka shells.”


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