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SUMMIT SCOOP: #TeamWOMMA Dishes on TALK360° | The WOMMA Summit


SUMMIT SCOOP: #TeamWOMMA Dishes on TALK360° | The WOMMA Summit

Q: The speaker lineup at WOMMA Summit is always top notch – including a great mix of industry leaders, plus a few unexpected inclusions. What do you look for when finding the perfect ‘wildcard’ speaker(s)? 

A: We look for individuals who represent new points of view, who can weave an engaging story, and who are willing to leave it all on the stage. Often what makes for the perfect “wildcard presentation” isn’t an individual speaker, but an unexpected grouping of speakers who can bring out the best in each other. It’s very much like a recipe for a great soup – where the combination of ingredients is what makes it so special. That’s really what we’ve tried to do this year – expect some pretty memorable panels.

Q: WOMM is always evolving, what is a topic or a trend that you are covering for the first time this year? 

A: We’re doing a significantly deeper exploration of multicultural and influencer marketing at Summit than ever before. And we’re taking on “fake news” and the battle for consumer trust with the help of CNN, Fortune Magazine and the New York Times. Pretty exciting stuff!

Q: What do you want people to walk away with from the Summit? 

A: The magic of WOMMA Summit starts with the people in the room. We want everyone to walk away feeling inspired into action by our speakers, and to have made at least two new professional connections. Relationships in this industry are dynamic and powerful; that person you met at a WOMMA event could be your co-worker or client three months from now.

Now it’s your turn! Use #WOMMASummit to tell us what, or who, you’re most looking forward to at Summit this year.






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