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Behind the Mic Speaker Series: Max Polisar, Chief Revenue Officer at AwesomenessTV

WOMMA Summit Introduces “Behind the Mic: Speaker Series”

Get to know some of the Summit speakers before you see them live on stage.


Max Polisar Chief Revenue Officer, AwesomenessTV

Max is Chief Revenue Officer of AwesomenessTV, a multi-platform media company owned by DreamWorks Animation and Hearst Corporation. Max has been a key industry veteran who’s helped shape the YouTube content landscape into the vastly larger social influencer marketplace that exists today. Max has also held several leadership roles focused on producing digital marketing firsts: launching AR technology into the mainstream with Coke Zero and Avatar, and helping to unveil some of the first broadband video brand websites for Toyota and the State of New York.


So Max, what exactly is AwesomenessTV?

Included under the AwesomenessTV banner are AwesomenessTV, the leading YouTube channel serving the global Gen Z audience; the ATV Network, a community based MCN with over 90,000 channels; DreamWorksTV; Awestruck; Big Frame; as well as consumer products, music, publishing, and branded entertainment divisions.

 In your opinion, what’s the most awesome thing about working at AwesomenessTV?

I’m curious by nature, so the fact that I get to sit at the nexus of extraordinarily dynamic people, unlimited creativity, and the rapid evolution of an entire industry is unbelievably awesome.

What’s one way our Summit attendees can tap into some of that magical, unlimited creativity?

I always recommend the book, “Originals” by Adam Grant. It’s about how to champion new ideas, and fight groupthink – it was incredibly inspiring and influential in my own career.

We’re really looking forward to your talk, “The Beauties and the Beasts of Influencer Content. ” Can you give us the ‘elevator pitch’?

Content integrations are a buoy of opportunity in the rough waters of programmatic marketing solutions right now.


Connect with Max on Twitter during #WOMMASummit @MaxPolisar and check out his session, The Beauties and the Beasts of Influencer Content” at 2pm on Day 2.


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