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Behind the Mic Speaker Series

Kevin Knight, CMO at Experticity

Behind the Mic Speaker Series: Kevin Knight, CMO at Experticity

WOMMA Summit Introduces “Behind the Mic Speaker Series”  
Get to know some of the Summit speakers before you see them live on stage.

Kevin KnightKevin Knight, CMO at Experticity

Kevin leads the marketing and creative teams at Experticity. Before joining, he was the global head of creative and brand strategy at Pinterest and previously worked at the Facebook Creative Shop in New York City, where he developed some of the most successful campaigns in digital advertising.


Kevin, you’ve worked for some pretty high-profile companies – Pinterest, Facebook, and now Experticity. What would you say are some of your favorite aspects of your job?

I love getting to work with clients and partners who are willing to challenge the status quo and do really interesting things.

Over the years, what influential leaders have inspired you most?

I’ve always admired Richard Branson, for his unparalleled passion, and Winston Churchill for his ability to inspire action through his words. And last but certainly not least, Sheryl Sandberg, for her ability to integrate life and work in a way that makes each more fulfilling.

An important aspect of your job is to always be “in the know” on all the latest happenings in your industry. What are some of your go-to websites for staying up-to-date in the world of digital advertising? 

I’d say AdAge and Digiday are my top two. I also really like LinkedIn. Getting a perspective from an individual source that’s more than a 140-character soundbite is increasingly compelling these days.

Along those same lines, what are some of your favorite accounts you follow on social?

AdWeak @adweak is always good for a laugh. I also really like Tom Goodwin @tomfgoodwin  and Humans of NY @humansofny.

In a digital world, what’s a good, old-fashioned page-turner you still recommend to people?

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace was both innovative and inspiring. And of course, the iconic Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy, which never gets old and continues to remain rousing and relevant after all these years.

We’re all really looking forward to your talk, “Where Influencer Marketing Went Wrong (and How to Fix It).” Would you mind giving us a little teaser of what you’re going to be touching on?

Real influence stems from two things: inspiration and expertise. Today’s run-of-the-mill “influencer marketing” ignores both of these in favor of native reach. This conflation of reach and influence is shortchanging the real potential of word-of-mouth.

Connect with Kevin on Twitter during #WOMMASummit @kevinjknight and check out his session, “Where Influencer Marketing Went Wrong (and How to Fix It)” at 11:15am on Day 2.

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