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Behind the Mic Speaker Series

Cassidy Stockton, Digital Communications Manager at Bob’s Red Mill

Behind the Mic Speaker Series: Cassidy Stockton, Digital Communications Manager at Bob’s Red Mill

WOMMA Summit Introduces “Behind the Mic Speaker Series”  
Get to know some of the Summit speakers before you see them live on stage.

Cassidy StocktonCassidy Stockton, Digital Communications Manager at Bob’s Red Mill

Cassidy handles social media marketing for Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. Beyond writing for the company’s blog and e-newsletter, she manages the pages and content for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Cassidy has worked diligently to foster and manage strong relationships with food bloggers, creating a brand ambassador program of over 60 bloggers. She also works with other influencers and influencer marketing agencies to inspire strong content and social media engagement for Bob’s Red Mill consumers.

Cassidy, what would you say are your favorite parts about working for Bob’s Red Mill?

I love connecting with people and creating passionate conversations around real food. I also (not so) secretly love geeking out over analytics. And I’m continually inspired by my boss, Bob Moore, for his passion and commitment to food as medicine.

Speaking of inspiration, any other leaders you admire?

Well, for one, Michelle Obama is a total rock star. I also find the work of Michael Pollan fascinating and am always looking to him for real food inspiration.

As a social media manager, it’s probably incredibly important to stay up-to-date in the industry. What are some of your go-to websites and accounts for social media news and resources?

AdWeek is a favorite, as well as Social Media Examiner. I also follow @Adweek on Twitter, as well as @TheFeedFeed, for amazing food content. And even though they’re not industry-specific, I also follow @Nerdist and @Oatmeal for pure entertainment.

Oh, we like non-industry inspiration too. If all we ever paid attention to was industry-specific, we’d be out of touch. Any other personal recos?

The One Bad Mother podcast is a great place for new moms to get great info, have a good laugh, and share frustrations with other moms.

We can’t wait to hear your talk, “The United States of Cookies: A Recipe For Influencer Marketing Success” at Summit. Can you give us a little taste – pun intended – of what this session will touch upon?

What happens when you challenge avid bakers to create something that represents their home state? A whole lot of delicious, passionate content! Bob’s Red Mill challenged 51 bloggers to create a cookie that embodies their state. What they created astounded us and drove our fans wild!

Check out Cassidy’s session, “The United States of Cookies: A Recipe For Influencer Marketing Success” at 11:00am on Day 2.

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